MIW Announces IOS Devices in MCb Framework

Mobile Integration Workgroup announces the addition of Apple iOS devices in their MCellblock Product Solution which provides “High Scale Automated Mobile Network Testing – Using Real Devices.

MCellblock (MCb), can manage up to 32 real devices in a small 4U RF shielded enclosure including Android and iOS devices for manual testing or automation of 5G services and network validation.

The addition of iOS in the MCb framework combined with Android provides a common testing platform and framework using parallel device execution at scale with any user defined test case.  MCb facilitates automation running test execution 24/7, providing extensive device, scripts and test execution logs.

For iOS, all test automatically creates a video for each script for fast troubleshooting and resolution of test failures.  With iOS, MCb provides checkpoints, with screenshots, for validation, as test are executed.

With the MCb Rest API, all functions and test suites can be controlled, executed and monitored from an external automation orchestration engine.

MCellblock is a Product Solution of Mobile Integration Workgroup based in Redmond Washington who also supplies Managed Services solving technology related business challenges with placement of top talent and process-driven solutions.