Mobile Integration Workgroup and Infovista automate device and network testing to accelerate 5G deployments

Mobile Integration Workgroup (MIW) today announced it has partnered with Infovista to deliver high-scale automated mobile network testing. Leveraging the TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio of Infovista, MIW enhances its unique solution MCellblock, using real devices, including the most recent 5G devices. It allows mobile operators to deliver a quality user experience and guarantee mobile applications work everywhere all the time.

As mobile networks adopt more and more 5G, they carry many applications for mission-critical businesses such as police/fire/ambulance first responder services. They require network testing and daily health checks to ensure those personnel will receive the highest level of connectivity when required. These networks require a 99.9% quality of connection SLA is in place.

Using real devices with solutions that MCb provides goes beyond testing. In addition to fault detection, using the Infovista TEMS network testing tools, MCb automates the validation of mobile applications at scale, identifying problems early and moving quickly to resolution. This can save days or even weeks of engineering time and ultimately result in a better level of service.

The combination of automated testing using MCellblock and InfoVista’s TEMS accelerates the analysis and troubleshooting with a complete set of device validations, KPIs, network information elements, and chip level logs using real devices. This combination guarantees U.S.  federal agencies to ensure consistent and reliable user experiences across all mission-critical applications,” said Ash Amine, VP Sales Americas

The technology partnership enables MIW and Infovista to differentiate themselves from others in the marketplace, offering a more complete picture and analysis creating an impact on the front line of communications – whether a first responder service or new 5G application from mobile operators.

About Mobile Integration Workgroup

MCellblock is a Product Solution of Mobile Integration Workgroup based in Redmond Washington which provides high scale automated mobile network testing using real devices for both iOS and Android.

MIW provides strategic consulting and managed services for mission-critical business issues. With the rapid expansion of 5G, a core competency of MIW is helping to accelerate and test 5G mobile networks and devices for operators, governments, and enterprises.  We support 3GPP advancements and other emerging technologies like Mobile Edge Computing as our industries, homes, and lives become interconnected with these innovations.