MIW Unveils Cutting-Edge MCellblock GEN3 Mobile Network Testing Solution, Revolutionizing Network Performance using Real-Devices.

MIW, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions and services, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, MCellblock (MCb) GEN3 Mobile Network Testing Solution. Designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of mobile operators and Enterprise customers transitions to 5G mobile technologies, networks and applications.

The MCb GEN3 Mobile Network Testing solution represents a significant leap forward in the field of mobile network testing. With its advanced features GEN3 is focused on helping operators with mobile core Migrations from LTE to 5G stand-alone networks, including application responsiveness Mission Critical Push-to-Talk key performance indicators.

Our vision is enabling future networks and facilitate top-performing, reliable mobile services. 

Key Features of the GEN3 Mobile Network Testing Solution:

High Scale Automated Mobile Network Testing – using real devices:

The MCb GEN3 empowers users with high-scale automated mobile network testing capabilities, utilizing real devices for accurate and reliable performance evaluation. This feature allows for thorough testing of network infrastructure under real-world conditions, ensuring robustness and reliability.

Scalable – 16 devices, iOS & Android, plug-and-test, per aggregated MCellblock:

With the ability to support up to 16 devices, including both iOS and Android devices, the GEN3 offers unmatched scalability with integrated voice quality analysis.  Its plug-and-test functionality allows for updating and changing devices quick and easy. The aggregated MCellblock architecture enhances scalability while maintaining simplicity. 

Turnkey – All-in-one MCellblock testing:

The MCb GEN3 is a complete solution, offering everything needed for comprehensive device and application automation.  The MCb is a shielded RF enclosure for 16 devices with RF attenuation, and internal server for the MCb software automation framework.   This turnkey solution simplifies testing workflows and improves efficiency.

Automate FirstNet Mission Critical Push-to-Talk applications for first responders:

With the ability to automate Mission Critical Push-to-Talk for FirstNet applications on the most popular iOS and Android field devices.  Which ensurs that our first responders have the highest quality and responsiveness for critical communications.

Network Services Automation:

The MCb GEN3 facilitates network services automation, validating that services maintain a high-level of quality during the transition from 4G to 5G networks. By automating key processes and workflows, it streamlines operations and enhances efficiency, ultimately improving the overall user experience.

Validate Hand-over between Wi-Fi and 5G:

The MCb GEN3 allows for the validation of handovers between Wi-Fi and 5G (lte) networks, as well as between different 5G (lte) networks. This capability ensures seamless connectivity and uninterrupted service delivery, enhancing the reliability and performance of mobile networks.

Multi-user Screen Mirroring:

With multi-user screen mirroring capabilities, the MCb GEN3 enables multi-device manual testing. This feature enhances collaboration and productivity, allowing multiple users to interact with devices and conduct tests simultaneously.

MCb GEN3 Cloud Solution:

The MCb GEN3 Cloud Solution allows execution of multiple MCb GEN3 worldwide, providing centralized control, result reporting and analysis with logs and artifacts.  

“The launch of our MCb GEN3 Mobile Network Testing solution marks a significant milestone in our ongoing vision to enable future networks and facilitating top-performing, reliable mobile services”  said Jim Kinnebrew VP at MIW. “With its advanced features and comprehensive capabilities, the MCb GEN3 sets a new standard for mobile network testing, enabling organizations to ensure optimal performance, quality, and reliability in today’s dynamic telecommunications landscape.”