MIW announce the award of US Patent No. 10,728,136 B2 for the MCellblock Solutions

MCellblock (MCb) is designed to perform “High Scale Automated Mobile Network Testing using Real Devices”. Including both Android and iOS.

Today, current systems for testing mobile devices, network services, and applications typically only test up to a few devices at a time. This limited setup to test can lead to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the testing results, increasing the potential risk of the device or application running smoothly once released.

MIW was awarded the US Patent for the MCb framework and techniques providing parallel testing of multiple mobile devices simultaneously using a single computing server referred to as “cellblock” or MCellblock”. The MCellblock houses multiple mobile devices including tablets providing an environment for configuration, testing, reporting, and user management.

Executing multiple test scenarios across a variety of Android and iOS devices in parallel with MCellblock is accomplished through the custom hardware and software creating multiple threads of instructions for each device to perform a test run. These test runs can be simultaneous and continuous for regression of application and services validation.

MCellblock designed a special USB controller that continuously monitors key device metrics including; per-port power management, power consumption, and levels, along with temperature readings with alarms. This provides MCellblock users complete control and information to manage the system and devices under test.

The grant of this patent provides further recognition of the quality of innovation being carried out by the Mcellblock team!