High Scale Real Device Testing
32 Devices per 4U MCellblock

Manual Testing
Screen Mirror of any device with full control and video record

Rest API, Check Points, Logs – Device, Tests, Appium; Device; Device Performance Charts, Same functions for any device, parallel device testing, full video capture of entire script

Inject into call / Record call / QoS

Large Library
Scripts include: Calling, Text, Browse, GoogleMaps, Netflix, Instagram, Hulu, …

Each MCellblock is self-contained with host server (Interface/ Users/ Tests /database ) and node server (devices).Host Server can manage multiple nodes servers, either on-prem or in the cloud.

What We Test

  • The Mobile Network

  • The Mobile Services: Calling, Texting, Data

  • The Mobile Applications: Facebook, Netflix, Maps, …

High Scale Automated Mobile Network Testing – using real devices MCellBlock has infinite scaling capabilities

Hardware features:

  • Standard Rack width at 4U high (~7”)
  • 32 USB ports for plug and play devices scalability – driving by the MCbUSB controller
  • LED indicators per port
  • Per device temperature and power monitoring
  • Server – host user interface, 1 Tb SSD Drive, 16 Gb RAM, ? processor
  • Enclosure is RF Shielded
  • Redundant Power supplies
  • Optional Multiple RFs (up to 16) inputs and antenna’s
  • MCellblock can run standalone or part of a managed system of many MCellblocks


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Download the MCellBlock Datasheet